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3 Secrets to Creating a Call-to-Action That Converts

3 Secrets to Creating a Call-to-Action That Converts


For most small business owners when we think about marketing we think about attracting new clients. That’s incredibly important but what about your conversions? Do you know what your conversion statistics are? If you’re focusing all of your attention on attracting new prospects, but you’re not converting them into clients this could be a recipe for disaster.

Let’s look at a few examples of how this could be causing you trouble…

  • You have lots of people reading your blog, but no one is signing up for you free consultation offer.
  • You have two or three new client calls a week but only 10% of these calls result in any business.
  • Your IFO (Irresistible Free Offer) is pulling in a lot of new prospects to your list but no one is buying your product.

In all of these instances the problem could very well be a weak call-to-action. Basically, you’re not clearly communicating to your prospects what they should do and when they should do it. This doesn’t mean you have to get aggressive, but it does mean you have to have to be clear so the prospect knows exactly what to do next.

Here are three of my favorite secrets to make your call-to-action convert for you:

Secret #1 – Know EXACTLY who you’re talking to

It’s essential that you are clear on who your ideal client is – especially regarding their challenges and aspirations in life. It is only when you really know who they are that you can customize your call-to-action. For example, a large segment of my list is image consultants. It wouldn’t make sense for me to have a call-to-action about “sprucing up your image” – they already know how to do that!

Some business owners are worried that if their ideal client description is too narrow they’ll scare away business. But really the opposite is true. If you go with a generic call- to-action that you think will appeal to everyone, you’ll probably end up appealing to no one. So get specific and try to reach that specific niche you can help the most.

Secret #2 – Give them only ONE thing to do at a time

Confusion is the enemy. The minute your prospect is unsure about what to do next, the easiest thing for them to do is retreat. So rather than giving them a variety of options, which can create stress, just give them one easy thing to do. This means that you need to be clear on what the next step is for your prospect. If they’re reading your blog, do you want them to sign up for your IFO or call for a free consultation? Obviously either option is great, but only choose one option to share with them if you want to up your conversions.

Secret #3 – Make it engaging, not overwhelming

Sometimes we get so excited that we have a prospect that’s interested in our services we basically turn the fire hose on them. We think of everything we’d like to offer them and we create this over-the-top package. Or we begin sending them email after email about every single product and/or service we have to offer.

When you fire hose your prospect it’s too much for them to process so they back out. It’s kind of like proposing on the first date, not usually a good idea! It’s much better to come up with the logical next step for this prospect. If they’re brand new to your community, a starter package is probably a much better fit. So look at making your call-to-action engaging, not overwhelming and you’ll boost your conversions.

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Predictable Results™ Assignment

Review one or more of your call-to-actions – on your website, blog or new client script. Is there room for improvement? Could you implement one of the three secrets to boost your conversions?


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