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6 Steps That Will Progressively Lead You to More Ideal Clients

6 Steps That Will Progressively Lead You to More Ideal Clients

Would you like to know how to get more clients in 2016? I’m not going to share some marketing gimmick or sleazy sales technique with you. Instead I’m going to share with you a predictable 6-step formula that will help you give clients what they want – it’s really that simple.

When a client hears that you have a solution to their problem you don’t have to work so hard to convince them to work with you. So make sure to remember your goal is to provide value as you work through each of the following six steps:

1. Create packages of your services that communicate value.

Don’t make the mistake of just selling your services or products. Don’t say, “I offer image consultation for business owners.” Instead say, “I offer a 3 month Image Branding Program for savvy business owners who want to empower their brand with the right image.” Do you see how much interesting that sounds?

So when you package your services or program stay focused on offering solutions to your ideal client’s problems. I see far too many consultants selling the deliverables. Your clients don’t care what they are as long as you offer solutions to their problems. Instead, talk in terms of the types of problems you solve.

2. Generate solid leads from your marketing efforts.

I see many business owners get caught up on building a huge list. The problem is no one is converting from prospect to buyer. You need to find leads that really want what you have to offer – not “window shoppers”.

This year I’ve shared two of my favorite ways to get these high-quality leads that convert. Click on the links below for great advice on using either one of these strategies to attract buyers, not just shoppers:

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As we go into 2016 if you’re pipeline isn’t full of ideal clients you need to make marketing your first priority. As a business owner, you have to spend time working on your business not just in your business and marketing needs to be at the top of that list.

3. Schedule a Discovery Call with your prospect.

If you hear from a prospect that appears to be a good candidate you should recommend a more in-depth meeting in person or on the phone. I call this a Discovery Call and it’s basically an introductory call where you engage in a two-way conversation that lets you know if you can help the prospect and if you want to work with him or her. If you’ve set up it correctly, you’ll learn in less than an hour what the prospect wants, needs, and expects so you can then forge a bond that makes them say, “How do I sign up?”

4. Find out what they really want with powerful questions.

I can’t stress how important it is for you to ask your client powerful questions during this phone call. This is how you find out what is the big problem that they need solved. Then you need be 100% present with them and really listen to them. It is only when you are really present and asking powerful, probing questions that they will go deeper into revealing their innermost desires and dreams.

5. Help them visualize the results they’ll get working with you.

When your client begins to unveil her challenges and dreams that’s when you know what’s possible for them. If they reveal to you a challenge that you feel you can help them with that’s when you can begin to offer solutions.

Remember that they are looking for someone to walk with them on this journey. Let them know that you are there to offer not only your expertise but support. Today people can learn about anything for free on the Internet, but having a mentor to hold you accountable and offer private support is a rare and precious thing worth paying for! So paint a picture of the ultimate outcome you are going for in your work together. Be detailed as you describe what their life will look like after they work with you.

6. Close the sale when it’s a good fit for both of you.

While it may seem like the most intimidating part of the conversation, asking for the sale and closing the deal doesn’t have to be hard. Say something like, “If we were to work together, which of these programs do you feel is the best match for you?” Let them respond to the question and let them take as much time as they need.

If they decide on a program then ask, “Why do you think this specific program is right for you?” When you ask this question, you’re having the prospect sell you on why they want to do it and what they will get out of working with you. Trust me – for you to get your clients top results, you have to know if they’re going to do the work and why it’s important for them.

Next, tell them you will be sending a congratulatory email along with the welcome packet and next steps. Because even if they said yes I want to work with you, if you don’t have payment, you haven’t closed the sale.

If you have a prospect that’s a good fit the last piece of the puzzle is the investment fee. When working with an individual, you should talk about this last. With bigger corporate prospects, you’ll only discuss the investment fee after they’ve received a written proposal. (For more information on pricing your services for corporate clients ready my article, 6 Secrets to Charging Lucrative Fees to Corporate Clients.)

These 6 steps are going to help you and your ideal client find one another. But don’t be discouraged if you see that in your business a few of these steps could use some work. It takes time and effort to learn how to implement each of these steps successfully. If you could use a comprehensive blueprint that helps you build on a solid foundation and ensure yourself a full pipeline of new clients checkout my program, Blueprint Secrets to Predictable Business Success.

Predictable Results™ Assignment

Choose one of the six steps that you need to work on to attract more ideal clients. Formulate a specific goal around that step and work to achieve it in the next 30 days. Now that’s the kind of New Year’s resolution that will get you predictable results.

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