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7 Secrets to Increasing Your Self-Confidence to Move into a Multi-Six Figure Business

7 Secrets to Increasing Your Self-Confidence to Move into a Multi-Six Figure Business

Years ago, when I first started coaching business owners, I used to think they needed more experience, education, resources, and team support to become highly successful – but I was dead wrong.

Today, I know from my own experience and coaching leaders, in corporations as well as business owners, that the biggest thing we need to master is our mindset. And this has to happen on a daily basis. When you increase your self-confidence you can charge higher fees, attract premium clients, obtain 5-figure corporate winning proposals, and basically supercharge your path into profitable multi-six-figure success.

As many of you know, I’ve invested in my own mindset coaching over the years. I’ve distilled the wisdom I’ve gained, along with my own experience into seven secrets that will do wonders building your self-esteem.

1). Imprint Successful Images into Your Brain

Brain studies have shown the power of visualization. What’s fascinating is that your brain doesn’t necessarily differentiate the difference between a real memory and an imagined one. So when you vividly imagine success and what that literally looks like your brain thinks it’s real and begins working to make the vision a reality. Most of us know the old saying “what you focus on expands” but the majority of us aren’t practicing this habit daily. It’s very easy to get sidetracked when you start visualizing success, but keep at it until you’ve imprinted this stamp onto your conscious and subconscious state. I’ve found from experience it does work!

2). Get Rid of the Self-Imposed Mental Mind Monsters

Many times when I’m talking to a client they start sharing all the negative things that could happen when they take the next step, like reaching out to meet with a corporate buyer or asking for a client introduction. They’ve tuned into that mental monster they are creating in their own mind. Change the station and stop listening. Research shows that 85% of what most of us worry about never happens, so why spend your precious time worrying when you could be out doing something more productive to drive your business forward?

3). Raise Your Own Personal Capabilities Bar

Take stock of your strengths and abilities and then raise it up a notch. Believe that your talents, your experiences, your passion is enough to get you to that next level. See the bigger picture of what is possible for you and your business. Your business can’t grow exponentially unless you grow exponentially. That’s why I’m so passionate about business owners, including myself, having a coach to help identify blind spots and then move confidently right through them.

4). Run Your Own Race to Step Into Your Ultimate Potential

Don’t be a copycat. You can’t be someone else and no one else can be you. You have a unique DNA structure. You have different talents and mostly like are on a different personal and professional path than everyone else. It’s one thing to admire and want to emulate the leadership principles and values you see others illuminating, but it’s totally another thing to want to be someone else or do exactly what they are doing.

5). Design Your Unique Mindset Mantra

When I worked with a mindset coach several years ago she was very clear that when you go into challenging and fearful situations you need to have a mantra that feels good to you. So let’s say you’re nervous you’ll be judged when meeting with a high level corporate executive buyer, what can you tell yourself to get into your zone where you feel empowered and confident to stand toe-to-toe with high-level leaders? My mantra is this: “I choose to stay centered in my experience, expertise and myself, deeply listening and providing great value to others.” Think of what would work as your mantra. Mine works to calm my nerves and reminds me that I’m unleashing my entire backstory of my life, my work experience, my entire full spectrum of expertise, and I’m trusting myself.

6). Be Curious about Your Day

Every morning as I’m getting dressed for the day I practice getting into the right mindset zone. I consider all the possibilities I may discover for the day like, “I wonder what I may learn about my business today that I never realized before.” Or, “I’m curious who I may talk to today that may need my help.” When you ask yourself empowering questions you open up your mind to the realm of possibilities. As John Maxwell say, “All possibilities are on the other side of Yes. You have to have a Yes mindset to get to greatness.” Step beyond your fears, trust in yourself and then say yes to step up and into your ultimate potential.

7). Celebrate Your Success Milestone Markers

One way to build your confidence is to celebrate your successes. When you get a new client, close a winning proposal, or get a results-oriented testimonial from your ideal client, take some time to live in that successful moment. Stop working and do something to celebrate this big milestone. Enjoy a massage, grab a glass of wine and toast your success with your husband, buy yourself something to remember to celebrate this event. Also, make it a habit to write down your accomplishments. The more you reflect on memorable, significant moments in growing your business, the faster you’ll become successful.

The reason I’m so confident about these secrets is I’ve seen them work for client after client. Once they have the self-confidence they need, the sky is the limit on their business growth!

Sarah’s Predictable Results Insights

  1. What’s your mantra? If you don’t have one what powerful language can you use to give yourself an instant boost of confidence?
  2. Which of the 7 secrets do you need to implement for greater success?
  3. What recent business achievement can you celebrate?

How confident are you about your ability to build a multi-six-figure business? If you want accelerated results it may be time to consider one-on-one coaching, please contact me at 800-267-3245 for a complimentary strategy session to see how we may be of service to you.