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Article Marketing That Converts Prospects Into Clients

Article Marketing That Converts Prospects Into Clients

Article marketing is one of the best ways to convert prospects into clients, if you do it the right way. Once you have a prospective client’s attention you want to give them helpful information that positions you as the expert who can help them. But this is time-consuming and many consultants and business owners don’t really enjoy writing. So the temptation is to use a shortcut and buy prewritten articles related to your area of expertise, often referred to as PLR or specific industry articles.

Years ago when I first started my image consulting business I tried using prewritten articles. It seemed like a good idea. The articles were chock full of good tips but after trying it for a while I could see it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t getting the number of new clients I needed into my business.

So I tried a different tactic, I began to write my own content speaking to the pain, challenges and setbacks that my real-life clients were dealing with and what I specifically did to help them. That’s when article marketing started to work for me and I got more and more leads reaching out to me from the articles on my website and newsletters.

When you buy someone else’s articles they may contain helpful tips, but they simply can’t showcase what you do. It’s so much more powerful to talk about how you worked with a client to help them achieve their desired result.

So how exactly do you write an article that turns prospects into clients? Here are a few techniques that I’ve found work best:

  • Write based on your real-life client’s perspective. Doing this will help people see themselves in your article. When they see how you helped someone overcome the same challenge they have they’ll ask themselves, “I wonder how she can help me?”
  • Write for a specific target audience. You need to use language that resonates with your specific audience. This is why I have two different newsletters, one for entrepreneurs and one for corporate leaders, since their challenges and what they are looking to achieve are very different.
  • Write about the big issues your prospects are facing. Anyone can share a tip or two but when you show them you understand their core issues – the things that keep your clients awake at night – they’ll see that you really understand them. This will help them trust that you’re the right person to help them.
  • Write your own content but get help when you need it. Let’s face it – the idea of writing an article might be your worst nightmare. Consider hiring a copywriter or editor. As long as you provide them with the main substance of the article they can help you write it or just polish it up a bit.

When you’ve worked hard to write your own signature articles you want to make sure you use them effectively as a marketing tool. A great article won’t do you any good if no one reads it!

I recommend that every entrepreneur should start by having a newsletter. If you consistently provide great articles in your newsletter, then your list will be ripe for your solutions when you make them a special VIP offer.

You’ll also want to post your articles on your blog or website. This helps people get to know your solutions when they stumble across your site. Make sure to have a clear call to action on your blog, so when someone enjoys your post they can easily sign up to get more of your rocking content. Now that you have an email address you can begin establishing a relationship with your prospect via a marketing campaign.

Make sure you promote your articles via social media. Post excerpts and links back to the entire article on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Write interest-grabbing tweets that include a link back to your website or blog. You can also post the entire article on LinkedIn if you have an established community on that platform.

Finally, print copies of your articles and bring them with you when you go to a speaking engagement. This is a great way to give them more information on their topic of interest. You can use this as a way to build your list by letting them know this particular article is just a sample of the kind of content your newsletter readers get regularly.

Article marketing is a predictable strategy that I use to move prospects into clients. Write from your heart and share what works to get your clients results and it’ll become a favorite strategy for you too!

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Predictable Results™ Assignment

This month write down key points from conversations with clients. What’s on their minds? What problems have you helped them solve? What transformative results have they experienced? Keep a record of this and you’ll have all the inspiration you need for your next article.


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