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Create A New Vision Of Yourself To Reach New Heights In 2016

Create A New Vision Of Yourself To Reach New Heights In 2016

We’re a few weeks into the New Year now and so the hoopla surrounding New Year’s resolutions is just starting to fade. I don’t know about you but these resolutions have never really worked for me. I think in order to make big, long-lasting changes, especially as a business owner, you need to think bigger than just a narrow-focus, one-time resolution.

My guess is that as an entrepreneur there is a really big dream that lives deep down in your consciousness. Maybe you’ve kept it a secret from your friends, family members, bosses, and significant other because you assume they would consider it preposterous. You can keep it to yourself, but don’t diminish it – let it grow!

I have always been a high achiever when it comes to my career. I remember when I began my tenure with Macy’s in the accounting department how much I loved the excitement of the retail environment and yearned to become a store manager.

I told my colleagues and family members about my dream, because I wanted to start manifesting it. While I knew that it would take several years to realize this dream, it was still my constant guiding compass. I used it as my landmark to help me make the right decisions along the way as I stayed true to my big vision and followed my career roadmap one step at a time. And I made it – ahead of schedule.

The point is that you should think big and create an immense realm of possibility that allows you to become whomever and whatever you want to be, without compromise or limitation. There are two strategies I’ve embraced from my favorite business coaches that I’d like to share with you to give the New Year a real kick start.

First, choose a word or short phrase as your mantra for the year. This helps me make sure that my choices align with who I want to be. You want to choose something that really inspires and resonates with you. For example, my 2016 phrase is “to be valuable”. To me those words mean finding opportunities all around me to expand my business by being of value to others. In every conversation and every situation I want to show up giving great value. These words guide me daily as I make choices. Instead of feeling guilty because I didn’t live up to yet another resolution, I feel inspired to live up to who I want to become.

Second, visualize your ideal life three years in the future. One year at a time can keep your goals small and boring. If you look too far ahead, let’s say 10 years, it can start feeling overwhelming and out of focus. Three years is a great timeframe, by looking this far ahead it will really broaden your horizons.

Just take a moment and picture in your mind what success looks like for you and your family three years down the road… Of course, this encompasses the money you have saved, the money you have to spend, your net worth, your possessions, your living arrangements, your meaningful activities, your pleasure activities, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, the car you drive…

What picture is forming in your mind? You need to clearly define what your view of success is, so that you can make good business decisions along the way. To make it real to you take some time to write it out. Put yourself there and describe everything you’ve accomplished over the last three years. This is a powerful exercise. It will help you stretch forward towards goals that may have previously seemed out of reach.

Instead of focusing on what you “should” be doing with yet another doomed-to-fail resolution, I encourage you to think carefully about who you “want” to be. Create this vision for yourself and you will reach new heights next year.

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Predictable Results™ Assignment

Chose one of the strategies I shared in this article to give your New Year a kick-start in the right direction or do both to really propel yourself forward in record time.


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