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Design Virtual Learning Experiences to Ramp Up Revenues

Design Virtual Learning Experiences to Ramp Up Revenues

Virtual learning is all the rage right now. I’m so grateful that I moved to remote learning years ago, long before 2020 happened. I’ve consistently found virtual learning experiences to be lucrative for my business and fun to offer.

Are you leveraging the opportunity to work with clients virtually in an online class? It’s time to seize the day. This past year is going to be part of our lives for a while yet and many are still working from home. Your ideal clients are starting to think about the future and what’s next. They’re more open to virtual learning than they’ve ever been before. Which means you have a rapt, captured audience at your disposal if you don’t let this window of opportunity slip on by.

But let me be clear. While I think the timing has never been better, this is not a short-term “let’s get through t” strategy. No, what I love about virtual learning experiences is that they help you booster your business revenues and your brand over the long-term.

Here are five long-term rewards you’ll gain by creating virtual learning opportunities for your clients:

  1. Attract new clients in your funnel. These shorter, less expensive, r experiences are like an entry ticket into your Disneyland of service offerings. Once they have an entry-level ticket, they most likely sign-up to work with you in a premium program afterward.
  2. Expand your reach. Teaching live and in-person is automatically limiting. You have to stay in your own area or you, or your audience, has to travel.
  3. Build your community foundation with evergreen clients. If you don’t have a large pool of clients, this is a great way to build that foundation for your business. Whether they choose to sign-up for other online courses, consult with you one-on-one or attend one of your live events, the opportunities are endless.
  4. Create magical group learning experiences. There is something about group learning that can inspire people on a whole other level. One-to-one learning is great, but put ideal clients, who are experiencing similar challenges, together and you’ll see a new level of synergistic learning taking place.
  5. Inspire you to keep creating relevant content. It can be stagnating working from home with just a handful of clients. By working to create timely valuable content that widens your service offerings to online groups keeps your creative juices flowing. You’ll find yourself listening with your third ear to your coaching clients about their challenges and the new intellectual property you can create to help them.

I’ve had a lot of success with virtual learning but I’ve seen other consultants try it and fail. Here are a few success strategies to consider when creating your online learning experience so you can earn the rewards we just considered.

  • You will thrive with live. Live learning with you is best. Statistics show that people are more engaged and learn better when you are there guiding them through the program, versus offering on-demand.
  • Interaction is King. No one wants to hear you drone on and on through a bunch of PowerPoint slides. You will need to adapt your online style to allow for tons of interaction and engagement with the audience. This isn’t easy, but it can be done!
  • Group learning is Queen. Give your participants air time because learning in a group environment is very different than a one-to-one environment. You as the facilitator have a great opportunity to bring people together to learn from one another. Remember it’s not all about you, even if you are the expert of this content.
  • Stretch their possibility thinking. Go beyond teaching them the XYZ solution to their problem. What I love about these learning experiences is this is your chance to really stretch them to think bigger about what’s possible. When you get them in possibility-thinking-mode they are leveling-up and beginning to see why they need you as their trusted partner.

These four strategies have served me well. After joining me for a virtual learning event, people want more and go on to become more engaged, connected and interactive with me and my community. Many of my private Sapphire Elite clients started working with me in one of my corporate online trainings, my live events and masterclasses or my IBS Virtual Mastermind.

I don’t argue with success. If something works for me, I share it with my clients so they can replicate what I do and rinse and repeat. Today I’ve been guiding many of my private clients to offer online learning to their clients so they can evolve into new ways of working. Clients like Margaret Batting, David McKnight and Irene Jordon just to name a few have taken these strategies and customized them for their own business. I love watching their results.

If you’re ready to learn my secrets to building a successful virtual learning experience, reach out to me at 800-267-3245 for a complimentary strategy session.


  1. Which of the five rewards for creating a virtual learning experience is most appealing to you?
  2. What challenges have your clients being sharing with you that would make great material for a virtual event?
  3. Which of the strategies for success could you use a little help implementing?