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Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me!

Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me!

Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me!

A chef can talk until she’s blue in the face about how delicious her appetizers and entrees are. But that won’t do anything to please or appease the taste buds of restaurant patrons waiting for a table. She needs to seat them, serve them, and let them enjoy a fantastic meal. Eating – not talking about food – is the best marketing message for strengthening her brand and reputation.


The same goes for whatever enterprise you’re in, including my profession as a business coach and mentor. Too many consultants spend the majority of the time talking, not doing, while their clients invest their hard-earned cash but don’t get any practical, actionable results from the process or relationship. Looking back I realize that I was somewhat guilty of that mistake earlier in my career. I was so excited to explain my services to people that I sometimes lost sight of the primary objective, which is to generate positive changes in their businesses, their lives, and their revenue streams.


Your clients want to know “Precisely what can you do for me?” Answer that question by doing something they need and appreciate and you’ll win a loyal and satisfied customer. While describing the iPad, for instance, a happy and loyal Apple customer might say:


“It saves me time, which means it saves me money. The sleek, elegant design reinforces my brand and signature image as a forward-thinking innovator and polished professional. Having an iPad also lets me keep my work and my virtual office with me at all times. I can be in communication with everyone while working remotely in a reliable and easy way that totally frees me up to be wherever I need to be, rather than tethered to my desk.”


Using that same approach and mindset you can do the same thing by applying a description of your own products/services from the perspective of ideal clients and customers. Write down exactly what your products/services do for them. Then pare it down to your core value and message so that you can use that distilled description to create a short elevator speech or tagline.


For instance:


“Apple’s iPad bolsters my brand and gives me freedom while saving me time and money. With it I can concentrate on doing what I do best – from anywhere and everywhere.”


Use your special statement of value in all of your marketing to tell customers precisely what makes your entrepreneurial solutions unique and wonderful. Honing down the bottom line results that you generate for your clientele will help you distill your brand and focus your company’s marketing more effectively. Knowing what exactly it is that you do for them gives your messages greater impact that gets to the heart of why people should do business with you. Dig deeper to articulate exactly what you have to give. Then broadcast it 24/7!




As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Business Coaching, provides leading-edge business building strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who wish to take their company to the next level.


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