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How to Shift Your Services to Corporations with Deep Pockets

How to Shift Your Services to Corporations with Deep Pockets

While it may be some time before individuals have disposable income to spend on professional services and professional development, companies still have plenty of money to spend.

This is true even though some companies have downsized and you’ll see more mergers in the upcoming year. Companies are still investing in consultants who can bring with them a wealth of experience combined with a fresh perspective. They are spending money right now on various kinds of coaching, virtual keynotes, and trainings to help them quickly adapt and achieve results.

There are times when we are called upon to expand ourselves and our businesses to the next realm to meet a need. And right now, the need is in corporations who want to survive. Trust me as the corporate world has been turned upside down, closed and reopened, employees are working remotely, and everything in a tail-spin. Who wouldn’t need a coach, consultant, professional development expert around to stop the craziness?

Over the years, I’ve helped many consultants, coaches and speakers transition their expertise into working in the corporate world by using what I call the Business Expansion Curve. I’ve personally found it to be an effective way of offering services to corporates. It’s been an extremely lucrative approach to my business and keeps me successful and sustainable over the years to come.

Here are the three steps to the Business Expansion Curve and how they can help you transition into work with corporates:

1). Purpose Leads to Positioning

What are you here to do that changes people’s lives? I believe we are all here to help others and that we all have a very unique special purpose. If your purpose is to help MORE PEOPLE OR PLAY A BIGGER GAME, then working in corporate can be a game-changer for you. Corporates have vaster needs now than ever before. They are buying services as we speak. You have to be clear on your purpose to forge or break into the new territory. It’s important you build off your purpose to gain clarity around your positioning. What is it about what you do that ignites you from within that gives you the energy and enthusiasm to help more people?

2). Positioning Leads to Expertise

Do you know what your five pillar areas of expertise are? Five, you may ask? I say, at least five, because when you limit yourself to only working around one pillar of expertise, you are limiting your opportunities. Are you up-to-date on the latest corporate services needed right now? Can you expand your expertise to meet those needs? (Don’t forget, things have changed a bit in the corporate world of wants and needs.) My corporate positioning is that I create successful corporate DNA. That covers many areas of my expertise and allows me to pivot to meet the needs of my corporate clients. Think of what can you say besides, “I’m a leadership or executive coach.” Those are a dime a dozen today. You’ll have to think about how you can talk about what you do in a succinct and clear way.

3). Expertise Leads to Your and Their Value

All consultants have different areas of expertise, based on our work history, backgrounds, life experiences, unique talents and gifts and our purpose. It’s great to have expertise you can call your own but what’s most important to companies is for them to understand the value you provide to the individual, team and organization. Have you considered how your services can help an individual within an organization or the organization itself be better off after you’re gone? What will you help individuals or the organization achieve? What kind of results can you stand behind to convey your expertise?

Can you do this successfully right now? Can you really use the Business Expansion Curve to build a profitable career in corporate? Absolutely. One of my private coaching clients, David McKnight, has used these three steps to start positioning his services to corporates. This year, in the midst of covid19, it’s been amazing to see how he has grown his corporate business to have one of his best years ever (and trust me I’m talking a really big year)!

If you are wanting new income streams or higher paydays or just a few 6-figure clients, working in corporate is the new way in the new world.

Sarah’s Predictable Results Insights

  • What’s your purpose? Describe what you do that ignites you from within and gives you the energy and enthusiasm to help more people.
  • What are your five pillars of expertise? Can any or all of these be channeled to help corporates succeed?
  • What kind of results will corporates, both individuals and the organization as a whole, get from working with you?

If you’re ready to shift into lucrative work with corporates but need help finetuning your approach, reach out to me at 1-800-267-3245 for a complimentary strategy session. No pressure tactics, together we’ll brainstorm the next steps you should take for predictable results.