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Increase Profits by Digging Deeper into Your Client Base

Increase Profits by Digging Deeper into Your Client Base

New business development is a vital part of any sustainable business model. But what is a more predictable revenue generator? It’s the loyal client who has already invested in your products or services. Did you know that research shows that repeat customers spend 67% more with you than a new client?

It’s actually easier for you to continue to offer more expansive services or products to your existing clients. They know you, trust you, and appreciate what your business has to offer. You already know them, the challenges they face, and where they are in relation to achieving their goal.

Yet I hear from my clients all the time that they don’t know what to offer next. They don’t know how to re-enroll a corporate client for another workshop, or they feel like they have to give their client everything they’ve got during one session to get a favorable review. And most of all they worry about being too pushy!

One of my private image consulting clients who gives corporate presentations was struggling to move beyond just a one-time presentation. It wasn’t until we worked on how to do a follow-up call, decipher the participant questions, leverage the great participant evaluations and use the right language to offer the HR executive more sessions, that things began to shift for her. Things really took off when she began to offer clients a variety of ways they could work with her and expanded her service offerings so they could hire her on a retainer basis.

So where do you start?

Pay attention to what your client is telling you.

Really try to ascertain the needs of your client, what they are looking to achieve, and how you can be of service to them. Ask the right questions. As much as you want to hear their positive feedback, uncovering their concerns and objections is vital. If they are using you for some products and services, but a competitor for others, try to figure out why. Is it pricing? Do your services lack certain features they need? Once you know these things, you can move on to the next step.

Reinvent your business to fill the gaps.

When you have these powerful client conversations, you’ll be able to reinvent your business by offering more expanded products or services to help your clients in their journey. Reevaluate your offering and see you if you need to step it up a notch. Learn about a new service that will increase your value. Also, make sure your client knows what you offer. You don’t want them seeking a service from a competitor simply because they were unaware you offer that same service!

Offer longer programs that keep people in positive motion.

We all know that we get better results when we continue to work with someone on a longer-term basis. What do we really accomplish when we work with someone for two sessions? Your clients will get better results when you offer longer program options that they can progress into from smaller programs. They will see the value of having you as their consultant, mentor or coach who is going to be supportive and hold them accountable to grow, evolve and become the best that they can be. This is how you get clients for life who’ll rave about your results.

I can hear some of you saying “But Sarah, if I offer more I’ll sound pushy.” No, you won’t sound pushy if you ask the right questions, really listen and come from a place of service to assist your client in their next big challenge. Let your client decide if she wants to continue to work with you or not.

If you’re not listening and offering your clients help in a bigger way, why did you get into your business? If it was to help more people with their challenges in life, then you are actually being of disservice by not offering them the opportunity to continue working with you. Don’t approach it like you’re selling your services or products. Instead, offer solutions to their problems!

I’ve seen these suggestions work over and over again for my clients. One of my coaching clients recently said of our work together, that it helped her establish and nurture long-term, sustainable client relationships and industry partnerships. So now she’s working smarter, not just harder. Nothing makes me happier! If you want my suggestions on how to maximize your business with existing customers, call 1-800-267-3245 to request a free 30-minute consultation.

Predictable Results™ Assignment

Identify three existing clients you can help. Ask them how they are benefitting from your product or service, what additional features they are looking for, what they like or would change. Use this information to move forward and craft an offer tailored to their specific needs.


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