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Journal Your Way to Success Each and Every Day

Journal Your Way to Success Each and Every Day

As a business owner, how do you begin your day? Do you drink coffee while scanning social media or reading emails? Perhaps you run out the door to the gym, rushing to shower and make it to work on time? If you work at home, do you jump out of bed and jump into work full speed ahead? Maybe you’re busy getting your kids up, ready and out the door to school?

Do you take a few minutes each morning to write in your journal?

Wait, a journal? “Who has time to sit and write in a journal every morning?” you might ask. I have shared this advice with many coaching clients over the years because it’s a valuable tool to set your day up for success. Over the years, I’ve discovered how morning journaling helps me have a positive, productive and powerful mindset all day.

Instead of letting something or someone else hijack my day, it gives me time to pause, reflect, and step into my personal power. Many of us resist journaling because we’re not sure what to write. The idea of staring at a blank page can be intimidating. I’ve found a journaling formula that only takes a few minutes and is highly effective.

Here are three things to journal about each morning:

1. One intention for your day. Here is where you ensure your goals are always in the forefront of your mind. It’s a great way to remind yourself what you’re working to achieve. You see your intention on paper and this gets you thinking about it so you can prioritize it.

2. Three things from the previous day that you’re grateful for. From small things to big, it is vital to appreciate what we have. This is a real key to maintaining a positive, healthy mindset and will make you more resilient as a business owner.

3. Three things you would do today if you weren’t afraid. What if it is possible…? You may have an idea that seems far-fetched, or a potential client in mind but you’re unsure of their interest. Think about what would happen if you acted on your idea, or if you reached out and the person was interested in being a client. This is a way of stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and that’s where amazing growth happens.

This formula doesn’t take long and it’s well worth a few minutes out of your busy morning. When you begin your day with a positive frame of mind, you’re better prepared to create and find success in your day. After journaling, I can look throughout the day for miracles that come true from my morning intentions. If I suffer a setback, I’m more likely to look at it as a stepping-stone, rather than a roadblock.

How do you end your day? I think you know where I’m going with this. As important as reminding yourself of your goals and intentions each morning, is keeping track of your successes each evening. Why? When you accomplish something, you feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. Success energizes you and boosts your confidence. You see what you are truly capable of so keep track of these accomplishments!

Each evening I write down three successes from my day, large or small. One accomplishment can be securing a new client, while the next one can be getting to the gym after a long day at work! Look for success throughout your day. Find joy and satisfaction even in small victories. Remember that each goal achieved is a step toward something bigger.

Recording these successes helps increase your self-confidence and motivate you to do even more. Being able to look back on your accomplishments can also help when you are discouraged or have made a mistake. It reminds you of what you have achieved, and that you’re capable of creating more success in your life.

I know you’re busy but if you want to create more success I encourage you to try journaling each day. Making this small adjustment in your daily routine will be incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking for additional suggestions on how to maximize your efforts to be even more successful call 1-800-267-3245 to request a free 30-minute consultation.

Predictable Results™ Assignment

Go and buy a special journal and pen. Find a place to keep it, perhaps next to your bed or on your kitchen table. Pick a day to begin; the first of the month or a Monday are good starting points. Get up a few minutes early, and begin your journal. Make sure to devote a few minutes that evening to also record the day’s successes. Try to do the same thing the next day. Make it a part of your daily routine.


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