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Mastering the Psychology of a Can’t Fail Discovery Call

Mastering the Psychology of a Can’t Fail Discovery Call

So much time, energy and money go into getting new leads for your business. So it’s very discouraging when you consistently fail to convert leads into paying clients. This is a key area that many of my private clients struggle with so one of the first things I teach them is how to conduct a Discovery Call that’s virtually fail-proof!

A Discovery Call is basically an introductory call where you engage in a two-way conversation that lets you know if you can help the prospect and if you want to work with him or her. If you’ve set up it correctly, you’ll learn in less than an hour what the prospect wants, needs, and expects so you can then forge a bond that makes them say, “How do I sign up?”

Let’s follow one of my clients, Monica (not her real name), through this process so you can nail this step of converting leads into prospects.

Monica is fabulous at what she does but unfortunately she doesn’t have a full pipeline of ideal clients. Why not? More often than not, when she gets a prospect on the phone she gets so excited talking about what she can do for them and giving away free advice that she forgets to listen to them. By the end of the call when she’s stating her fees, the prospect usually replies, “Well let me think about it.” Or worse still the prospect objects, “Wow I didn’t realize your services were that expensive!” So Monica stammers out a lower fee just to get the client and then resents that she’s not getting paid what she’s worth. She hangs up the phone feeling frustrated because she can’t close the sale. It seems like it’s a pattern she’s doomed to replay over and over again with each call.

Like so many of the great experts I work with, Monica hasn’t mastered the art of the closing the sale. They get leads who want to have a Discovery Call but they make a few critical mistakes during the conversation. Did you notice what those mistakes are?

Mistake #1: Trying to sell.

This is a get-acquainted, gathering-information call. The prospect needs to feel that you care and that they can trust you. You need to know what their pain points are, what their desires are, and why they want them. This will eventually lead you to their dominant buying motive so you tailor your pitch accordingly. It takes some gentle digging but when you do it right they’ll think you’ve read their mind.

Mistake #2: Talking too much.

You’re primary objective is to ask questions and listen. Even if you’re tempted to jump in with some coaching, DON’T! The only time you’ll need to interrupt them is when you need to ask more questions for clarification.

Mistake #3: Giving away free advice.

Don’t give away anything! They need to pay for your expertise, not get it for free. Remember you’re learning about their situation. Then you can give them a visualization of how working with you will make their life better.

Mistake #4: Cringing when you state your fees.

You’ve worked long and hard to gain the expertise you have, so you deserve your fees. It’s easiest to create three packages and let them select which program is right for them. Rather than offering the lowest one first, start with the best one and show how each one subsequently offers great value but less benefits to them.

Mistake #5: Emphasizing the wrong things.

Yes, it’s tempting to talk about the deliverables of your programs, but that’s a mistake. Rather, focus on the tangible results and outcomes the prospect will attain from working with you. Make sure you emphasize value – not just monetary value but how it solves their problem and makes their lives better.

They need to know what’s in it for them.

These five points address the psychology of selling that many miss. Monica learned to have a dynamic two-way conversation with her prospects. She found it was the fastest way to build a natural relationship with her prospects so that they really trusted her. By learning to ask insightful questions, they revealed to her their deepest dreams that they’ve never shared with anyone else. Now she has all the clients she can handle!

What’s the best way of accomplishing this? It’s essential to work from a well-rehearsed script because there’s a systematic process that you need to take the prospect through. This will allow you to be prepared while at the same time being ready to land on your feet and respond to what they reveal to you. This makes it more authentic and natural.

Learning how to master Discovery Calls is worth the effort. You’ll find you are more confident selling your value and charging premium fees because more people are saying yes. Are you ready to learn my secret formula that teaches you how to prequalify a prospect before your first call, script a dynamite Discovery Call that overcomes objections and converts prospects into enthusiastic clients in a natural and easy way? Call 1-800-267-3245 for a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you!


Predictable Results™ Assignment

Prepare for your Discovery Call by brainstorming questions you can progressively use to discover your lead’s primary buying motivation, such as:

  • What methods and tools have you tried in the past?
  • What worked and what didn’t?
  • What do you see as your biggest challenges?

Want a ready-made script you can tailor? Call 1-800-267-3245 for a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can help you!


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