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Scaling Your Business Revenues Through Corporate Projects

Scaling Your Business Revenues Through Corporate Projects

It’s been great to see the surge of new business opportunities from major companies seeking help from consultants and coaches. More than any other time in history, organizations are looking for outside partners to help them ride the large wave of profits that’s coming.

My question to you is – are you ready to surf your biggest wave ever? If so, then you’ll need to learn how to scale your business like never before. Most people seem to think that scaling means running an online program that brings in tons of revenue with little to no work and you repeat it over and over again. But that’s a big white lie.

The truth is the people making big profits with that model are those that are teaching people how to run online courses, how ironic! Sadly, everyone is falling for it. What they don’t tell you is that it’s a ton of work. To be successful, or just break even, you need to have a really big list, partnerships with others for their list, buy Facebook ads, invest in expensive technology and hire online business managers for help. The big lie is it takes way more work than anyone explains to you before you sign up for their online training course.

I have another way to scale up your business revenues….

I believe in scaling but doing it differently than what many coaches, consultants and professional development trainers recommend. I invest and scale my business through large corporate projects with low labor that multiplies into multi-six figure business. In fact, this year my business may be breaking an all-time record in revenues. So far, it’s looking very good.

A recent 2021 survey shows that organizations are investing in developing their people as their number one priority. That’s coaching, consulting and professional development workshops. 38% of the workforce has received development in 2020 and it was only 19% in 2019. So don’t believe the myth that companies aren’t investing in their people anymore.

Here’s my list of why I advise you to scale your business my way:

1. Corporations pay much, much higher fees

When you can close a of $20K – $80K you’ve scaled into high fees with lower labor than offering lower-ticket online programs, that’s the winning formula in my book. You only need to close about five or six $50K projects in a year to have a multiple six-figure income stream and it’s not that hard to do.

2. Working in a new company gives you multiple doors of opportunity

If you help the organization achieve the results they are looking for – they need more of you. They can’t afford to get rid of you! The larger the company the more divisions, subsidiaries and leaders who either need your help or have team members who have developmental needs. Your next mystery . You don’t find that type of instant-access referrals in the online world where you are selling to one individual at a time.

3. While lucrative fees are king in the corporate arena, low labor is queen

You don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Corporations have vast resources and personnel so you can delegate to them! They will often help you with the set-up of both live or virtual trainings, or can send you any information or research that you need. I find that it’s lower labor intensity than having to set-up and then market your own online program.

4. Repeat business with evergreen corporate clients mean you get to enjoy your downtime!

While the objectives may change, much of what you do with one leader will be very similar to what you do with another leader so you’ll learn how to repeat the success factors that are working. Once the company sees the results you delivered from your original coaching agreement, they’ll want to sign up again to work with you to climb the next big mountain. That’s scale because if the original corporate client pays you $40K for a short coaching engagement, then when they sign up again, you’ve locked down an $80K client or the triple crown of $120K!!! That’s what I call a 6-figure corporate client.

While I’m always looking for new work, I’ve come to realize I don’t need 100 corporate clients. I deliver stellar results that allow me to quickly hit the one-hundred-thousand mark with one! That’s the fastest way I’ve found to scale revenues and enjoy my time off. Because you deserve some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

5. Multiple Strategies = Multiple Revenues

Whenever you get started with a company, whether it’s one-on-one coaching or a workshop, consider how you can springboard that into another multi-pronged project. Can you add deeper coaching after you’ve done a workshop? Can you offer multiple workshops? Can you offer to coach all the members of a team and their boss, versus just coaching one of them? (The team will be more productive and high-performing if you can win the business of coaching all of them). Or maybe you coach a corporate leader around presentation skills in the first project, but the second project is more expansive like coaching them to be a better leader, decision-maker, strategic thinker, etc. That second project will be a higher-paid project due to larger and more expansive objectives. Do you see how you can scale up by multiplying more and more options?

Scaling your business with this approach really means learning to turn over every single stone in the corporate market. It isn’t rocket science, but it is strategic! It’s what will keep the big, lucrative corporate doors opening up for you over and over again.

If you’re committed to becoming an in-demand corporate consultant or coach, my is the place to be! You’ll learn from myself and other industry insiders as we share the strategies that get us inside the door, practice and role-play our sales conversations, and fine-tune our corporate scaling operations.

Sarah’s Predictable Results Insights

  1. What kind of fees could you charge if you were offering the same services you provide to individual clients to corporations instead?
  2. If you already have worked with a corporation, what other kinds of projects could you offer to multiply your revenues?
  3. What new stones could you turn in the corporate world to scale your business even faster?