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Carol Parker Walsh

“I grew my business 645% this year with Sarah’s guidance!”

Its hard to put into words how amazing my experience was working with Sarah in her Platinum Program this past year. I grew my business by 645% this last year with her guidance and support. Sarah provides practical and useful feedback, advice, and support that I was able to implement IMMEDIATELY for IMMEDIATE profitable results. Why should you hire Sarah? Thats easy when people coach with Sarah they make more money PLUS increase their confidence in themselves and their business. I was able to design high level programs, expand my vision for my business, create innovative programs and significantly raise my fees and reduce labor intensity. The investment was worth every penny, considering I recouped my investment back more than 5x over.  With Sarahs guidance in helping me expand my services into the corporate sector I know that the best is yet to come. You also have full access to her library of audios and templates that you can implement in your business. Because Sarah is a strategist she helped me think high level and offers insights and actions that have significantly moved the needle in my business. If you are looking for a business coach who will stretch you beyond your limits to ultimately achieve higher levels of success I highly recommend Sarah. 

Carol Parker Walsh, AICI CIC

Carol Parker Walsh Image Consulting
Camas, WA
Past President, AICI San Francisco Chapter

Dawn Stebbing

“Step it Up and Go – to the Next Success Level!”

“I was amazed at how much I learned that I could directly apply to my business. I finished my book, “The Power is in the Pearl,” had a high-visibility launch party, and gained greater credibility that attracted more speaking engagements. I was even accepted into the National Speakers Association. Sarah helped me upgrade my marketing, create lead-generation tools, and design my own signature programs with clear, consistent messaging. I’m not sure any of that would have been possible, though, were it not for the incredible mindset management principles Sarah imparted. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to uplevel their business in a big way!

Dawn Stebbing, AICI CIC

Dawn Stebbing Image Consulting
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Past President, AICI Midwest Chapter

Kelly Duggan

“Beyond terrific to have a confidant, a trusted advisor, an accountability partner!”

“My time coaching with Sarah Hathorn, gave me the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level. Not only did I move to the next level, I moved beyond that. Sarah’s teaching, methodologies and accountability have propelled me to think and play a bigger game than I would have on my own. The 9-month Sapphire Program gave me time to try, test, revise and implement new ideas and techniques. Additionally, it gave me the time needed to make the mental shift to really bring my plans to fruition.

 I have been a one-women show for a long time, having done great work. But I have to say that it has been beyond terrific to have a confidant, a trusted advisor, an accountability partner in my corner to cheer me on or kick me in the butt when needed! A side benefit has been Marc’s expertise and help with technical and IT issues.

 As a seasoned trainer, consultant and coach I gained a deeper insight on the wealth of knowledge and information I already know myself. Additionally, I grew a stronger suite of services and delivery methods and developed a robust language and manner in which I speak to prospects and clients alike. I’m excited about the growth and change that I can bring to the clients that I serve, and successes and profits to me and my business. I am confident that you will too, making your investment well worth the time and money spent. In fact, with the advances made while in Sarah’s watching, I chose to stay with her for an additional coaching program!”

Kelly Duggan, AICI CIC

Kelly Duggan Image Consulting
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Past President, AICI Midwest Chapter

Cynthia de la Garza

“I now have a greater clarity when I offer my services to corporations!”

“The Private Coaching program from Illustra Business with Sarah Hathorn and Ale Marroquín gives very good results. They have a great combination where Sarah shares her experience with tools that give results and Ale adapts this to our Mexican Culture based on her experience. I now have a greater clarity when I offer my services to corporations and have more confidence in me. 

I highly recommend Illustra Business Coaching, it is something that every person who is starting a consulting business should consider if they want to obtain results in a shorter timeframe.”

Cynthia de la Garza, AICI CIC

Imagen y protocol de Negocios
Monterrey, Mexico

Charmaine Bryan

I secured work with a corporate client 4 months after we started working together!”

“I started working with Sarah 6 months ago, I was very new in my business and needed guidance. It was all so overwhelming for me I knew I needed to do so many things and didn’t know where to start. Sarah helped to prioritize what was key at that point in my business and advised I use my strengths in networking and speaking to market my business. They have both been key to helping me find new clients. Sarah’s advice on nurturing the clients you do have instead of going out looking for brand new clients as they will become long term clients was key.

At the time I was just offering appearance based services. Sarah said that I was limiting myself and I should think about offering clients the Appearance, Behaviour and Communication skills. We designed three signature programs around the ABC. When I have discovery calls with prospects, although they were initially just wanting appearance services they also interested in behaviour and communication skills too.

I was nervous about increasing my fees because I thought potential clients wouldn’t pay. Sarah taught me to change my mindset of offering a la carte services and instead offer value based fees. If I offered the client so much value, they didn’t mind paying the fees. Again when talking to prospects they liked the results they would gain through the programs rather than one off services I had previously offered.

I was keen to start working with corporate clients as another revenue stream. Due to work I had already been doing with Sarah I secured work with a corporate client 4 months after we started working together. I recently had a chance to attend Sarah’s unlock the secrets to corporate consultancy revenues masterclasss. Within a couple of hours of the masterclass I truly felt I had gotten my money’s worth. There were many aha moments over the 2 days. Sarah talked through how it is so easy to leave money on the table when talking to potential clients. She gave us tips and strategies as well as scripts and templates to use going forward. Since the workshop I have adopted the strategies with the corporate client I am working with.

Sarah gives you so much value and what you learn from Sarah is exactly what she is doing in her own business with private and corporate clients. I have learned so much over the short space of time we have worked together. I would recommend attending Sarah’s workshops or working with her privately to anyone who is interested in growing their business.”

Charmaine Bryan

Charmaine Bryan Image Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lina Noguera

“Revenues up 40% in just 6 months!”

“Thanks to Sarah´s coaching program and mindset masterclass, taking my business to the next level meant an increment in my revenues of about 40% in just 6 months.

Sarah´s knowledge and expertise helped me redefine myself as a professional and reposition my business, which quickly translated in better services that incremented my income. She gave me all the necessary tools to effectively implement strategies to attract my ideal client, and her advice and coaching tools helped me shift my mindset to be more confident about my own abilities and experience and use them to better position my business in my own country.

I am grateful I was able to work with such an incredible person and professional and encourage anyone to sign in for her coaching and mindset programs, they are a game changer!”

Lina Noguera

Manifesto Consultants
Bogata, Colombia

Mia LaMotte

“Sarah coached me to my first $20K month!”

“I have been working with Sarah for many years and she has always inspired me to take my business to the next level. Working with her has opened up the world of entrepreneurship as an Image Consultant and Coach. There are so many avenues I could take, and she lays them all out.  Sarah created a Virtual MasterMind Group for her coaching clients that has helped us all grow personally as well as professionally. We are able to bounce ideas off each other and gain greater insight into our businesses. It has been an amazing resource!

If you are looking for direction in your business, strategies for success or someone to push you to do your best, Sarah is the coach to hire. Sarah coached me to my first $20K month. I am so excited to see where we go from here!”

Mia LaMotte, AICI CIP

Lamotte International
Raleigh, NC

Carrie LaShell

“With Sarah I created a higher income stream per individual client!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah Hathorn as my private coach since the beginning of March 2016.  Because of my work with her I am viewing my business in a new way.  I am learning ways to expend and grow in areas where I was feeling very stuck.  She has helped me look at my pricing structure and create packages, which has created a higher income stream from per individual client.  I have also started the process of working with corporations and businesses on the ABC’s of image.  She has helped me work through the things I found challenging in terms of creating a new division of my company that still felt like me, but also was appropriate for companies.  Sarah is also a fantastic presenter, giving so much knowledge and value.  She tells you how to speak to corporate buyers, tells you what you should say and makes sure you know the right questions to ask.  She is an organized presenter who stays on track and gives you a lot of valuable content.  I can’t say enough about how great I think Sarah is as a one on one coach and presenter.  I love her and am so grateful for all she has done for me and as well as my business. “

Carrie LaShell, AICI CIP

Such Savvy Style
Walnut Creek, CA

Jo Hodges

“The value she has brought to me in a personal and business way is worth far more than I could ever pay her!”

“As an Image Consultant I had all the technical and personal skills needed to work with clients but what I was missing was a clear strategy of how to market my services with a point of difference, a message that clearly portrayed how unique I was to work with and how my product and services were unique.   I had followed Sarah over a number of years from being in the audience of many of her presentations and being a participant in her coaching workshops in Sydney, Arizona, Washington and Singapore, so yes I was already a raving fan of Sarah’s for quite some time.  I knew that Sarah and I were a good fit to work together and so we began our journey.  

A few months into our coaching, I had a very unexpected marriage separation that absolutely turned my world upside down and I had a chronically ill daughter to look after now as a single parent.  I was no longer in the clear headed, positive mindset I started out with when I began working with Sarah, I thought I can’t do this – I will have to tell Sarah that I need to stop the coaching.  Sarah was having none of it – she promised me her commitment and support and would be there with me every step of the way – and she was true to her word.  Sarah got me through the darkest time of my life.  

Our journey is now taking a different direction, Sarah became not only my business coach but my life coach.  She gave me good sound personal advice when I was not thinking straight.  Sarah has the unique ability to gauge what I needed from her, she was my coach, mentor and friend.  She helped me tap into my inner strength to be courageous and resilient, with a “you’ve got this” approach – she became my raving fan.  Thanks to Sarah I was gaining my confidence and strength back month by month.

One of the many attributes Sarah has is to “change course” when life throws a curve ball.  My life is different now and Sarah is guiding me into gaining greater clarity to create a new business model that works for me.  I am very excited by this.   I will continue to work with Sarah as our journey is not over yet.  The value she has brought to me in a personal and business way is worth far more than I could ever pay her.”

Jo Hodges

Professional Presence
Melbourne, Australia

Tara Hooper

“$2,000 Signature Programs Maximized My Income!”

“Sarah has taught me many tangible skills and strategies to price my programs, follow a successful business model, and provide exceptional services to my clients. But she also gave me the confidence to ask for higher compensation in exchange for what I bring to the table. I am a generous person, but in the past I gave away too much of time without receiving enough in return. I often felt unsatisfied and sometimes resentful. But now I have high-level signature programs, so I am giving clients even more value – and they are happy to pay more because I help them achieve great results.

Sarah also showed me how to articulate my value with specific marketing language and presentation skills. That made it possible for me to attract corporate clients, broaden my service offerings, and charge $2,000 for signature programs that maximize my income. Oftentimes, as business owners, we don’t see the forest for the trees. Sarah helped me see that I do have prospects and leads and that by leveraging my time more strategically I can expand my business while I reduce my labor intensity and spend more quality time with my family.

I am working smarter by using automated business systems that free up my time to focus on being more productive in less time. I have a much clearer vision of the service I want to emphasize, and have evolved from a hair stylist and makeup artist into a full-fledged image consultant. I have confidence and credibility, and am much more strategic and successful about asking my clients for valuable referrals. Hiring Sarah as my coach has been an amazing and rewarding investment. I’ve grown so much over this past year, and have gained incredible insight and confidence to do corporate work. Sarah can accelerate your business to new heights of professionalism and profitability, and I encourage you to invest in her coaching and training programs.”

Tara Hooper

The Style Signature
Dallas, Texas

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