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Three Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging Weekly

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging Weekly

Pull marketing is marketing that influences your ideal audience to find you and see if you have high value content and real solutions to offer to them. This is a newer style of marketing because it builds relationships and strengthens the communication between you and your prospect. This can happen when you use podcasts, videos, articles and especially blogs.

I believe your blog is one of your most powerful pull marketing tools for three reasons. There are probably even more reasons but in my mind these are the most important ones. If you don’t have a blog or you need a little extra motivation to keep blogging I think you’ll find these reasons to be very compelling.

The first reason is that search engines love blogs. If you’re posting new content to your blog on a weekly basis the search engines will keep coming back to check out your fresh content. Blogs are a great SEO tool because you can pepper in a lot of specific keywords around solutions that your ideal clients are looking for when they Google something. It can be difficult to include keywords in your website copy but blogs are the perfect platform to experiment with keywords and see what works.

Another reason that blogs pull people in is because they build your Know, Like and Trust factor. Unlike articles, blogs are to be written in a more casual, conversational tone. The key is to be authentic and share a little bit about who you are and what makes you and your business different. You can also silently market your business by positioning yourself as the problem solver. Think about the big problems you’ve recently solved for your clients and share these solutions on your blog. This is where you get to really showcase your expertise.

The final reason why a blog is so powerful is that it’s interactive. When you share high value, high content information with people they often leave comments. This helps you to really get to know your target market. You can share your blog on social media platforms for even more visibility. If you take a look on my Facebook Fan page, I share my blog posts and put a note about them and I find many people comment on them. I also have quite a few followers re-tweeting my blogs on Twitter or sharing those links on Facebook. Oh the power of social media – it makes you get out into the world in a much bigger way. (FYI – In next month’s Success Circle I will share more of my social media secrets – Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract, Connect & Convert More Leads.)

So hopefully these reasons have inspired you to start or to continue blogging. Now ideally you will want to blog 2-3 times a week with a minimum of once a week. Blog posts are shorter than articles and typically around 200-400 words. Just write 2-3 paragraphs and viola you have a blog. If you have a hard time figuring out what you should blog about take a look at the Predictable Results assignment for inspiration.

Predictable Results™ Assignment:

  1. Find a place to collect ideas for your blog. Use a file folder, notebook or software program.
  2. Take notes when you have a phone session with new clients. These notes will provide you insight into the challenges your target market is facing so you can blog about your solutions.
  3. Read your competitors’ blogs. See what the competition is up to. Do you agree or disagree with their solutions? This can help fire up your creative juices for a blog post.



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