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Who’s Responsible for Your Success?

Who’s Responsible for Your Success?

Let’s imagine two identical businesses. They both began three years ago, they both offer similar consulting services, they both serve the same target audience and spend about the same amount of time and money on marketing.

So why does one business constantly struggle while the other one flourishes? Why does one suffer from drastic ebbs and flows in clients while the other has a steady stream of clients? Why does one have to wheel and deal to land a contract while the other confidently raises their rates on a regular basis?

The answer lies with who’s at the helm.

To be successful the business owner has to recognize that they are the heart and soul of the business. They need to know that if they don’t invest in personal development their business will suffer.

So how are you doing at the helm of your business?

I remember when I was working with a new client Assata, she was focused on getting her image consulting business off the ground with real speed and momentum. But I think she was surprised that the work we did was more internal than external.

In the beginning of our coaching work, I saw that one of Assata’s greatest challenges was a fear of networking, which stemmed from previous experiences and impressions. We worked on a transformative process of retraining her perceptions and her inhibitions about promoting herself to others. She quickly began to see if she was genuine and authentic, it would dynamically attract the right connections. With this mindset shift, she grew more confident interacting with strangers and learned to trust her business instincts.

All of this led to amazing business results. But notice what Assata said about our work together that pretty much guarantees her future success, “Most importantly, I have learned to just keep going and take 100% responsibility for the growth of my business.”

You have no idea how those words encouraged me. Because that means that Assata learned the most important lesson as a business owner – you are in control of your own future.

Now personal development always requires some kind of investment on your part. When you invest in accelerated development through mentoring, coaching and workshop participation, you’ll find they more than pay for themselves over the long run.

Every successful business owner I know has invested heavily and wisely in personal growth and development to reach the pinnacle of success. If you S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself beyond your comfort zone and broaden your expertise you’ll be amazed by the ROI you get. Best of all – YOU get all the credit for your success!

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Predictable Results™ Assignment

Look at your personal development options. Can you get results through self-study – by reading books or taking an online course? Do you need more support and accountability? Remember, to get faster and better results, consider hiring a coach or working with a mentor.



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