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Overcome Imposter Syndrome to Grasp New Opportunities in 2020

As we go into the New Year, I’m encouraging my private clients and Mastermind group to think about how they can stretch themselves up into new opportunities. We talk about whether it’s time to transition into corporate consulting, focus exclusively on higher-paying clients, or step into a  . But one thing keeps showing up for many, if not all of them, imposter syndrome.

Have you heard about this syndrome that can infect even the most confident, successful consultants and business owners? Basically, it’s the feeling that you haven’t earned your seat at the table. It’s that sneaky sensation that makes you feel like a fraud who just got lucky. You worry that you barely have the expertise you need to be where you’re at with your business, so the idea of stretching up is quite frankly terrifying.

These feelings are real and can exert a powerful influence on our ability to stretch out of our comfort zone. But stretching up is necessary if you don’t want to stagnate. It keeps us innovative, it keeps us growing as individuals, it keeps us from helping our clients in new and deeper ways, and it keeps our profits soaring to new levels. Recently, I closed a corporate deal for 2020 with a $50K price tag. I remember not all that long ago when that same $50K was my annual earnings! If I hadn’t dealt with my imposter syndrome, and fears of “what if” I fail and “what if” I’ve not done this work before, I’d still be earning $50K a year.

If you’ve felt this way don’t despair, I think it happens to all of us at one time or another. We often are our own worst enemy. But once you recognize it, what are you going to do about it? Here are a few tips for what you need to do when you hear your imposter chattering away in your head:

Recognize where the doubts are coming from. I call the negative voice in your head your evil twin. Don’t pay close attention to what he has to say, he’s just trying to keep you safe by keeping you small. Every day work on your inner game by managing your inner voice.

Acknowledge your talents and strengths. You weren’t just lucky; you were smart enough to leverage your unique talents and strengths that are of high value to your clients. You already have everything inside of you – all the knowledge, expertise, education, experience, and talent – you just need to unleash it.

Review your accomplishments. Make time to list and review your accomplishments. The power of this exercise is it can show you how far you’ve come. Don’t forget to include a list of all the things you’ve achieved for your clients.

Don’t shy away from a new challenge. When a client approaches you to do something you’ve never done before, don’t rush to say no. You need to start somewhere so this could be your golden opportunity for growth. Don’t forget if you get stuck you can reach out to your coach or mastermind group for help.

Get validation when you need it most. When it feels like imposter syndrome is disrupting your potential, ask for help from a mentor or coach. They can help you reframe the situation and help you learn to trust your intuition.

I was talking with a business coaching client the other day who was offered a $10,000 corporate workshop for 1.5 days. It was outside of her comfort zone since it was more of a facilitation project than a workshop. She was intimidated but instead of saying no, she called me to brainstorm. We discussed her fear of failing, of being an imposter, and not having enough experience. After a short conversation where I asked her five or six questions, she realized that she was ready. I’m so glad she got the support she needed to say yes and lean into this amazing new opportunity in the lucrative corporate field.

If you continue to be your own biggest obstacle, you’ll always show up small. My guess is that you have something in mind for 2020, something that feels just out of reach. Don’t hold back!

Sarah’s Predictable Results Insights

  • What big goal can you set for 2020 that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone?
  • How can what you’ve already accomplished set you up for future success?
  • Where can you go for support and encouragement if imposter syndrome sneaks up on you?

If you need support from a private coach or a mastermind community to reach an audacious goal in 2020, reach out to me at 1-800-267-3245 for a complimentary strategy session to see how we may be of service to you.